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Lucas/Haley Fic Exchange

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Writers and Apologies... [27 Nov 2005|04:45pm]

So, as you may have noticed I have only managed to post four out of eight fic requests. I really wanted this exchange to be a success, but unfortunately some people had to drop out for personal reasons. I am truly sorry to those writers who fulfilled their request but didn't get a fic in return. If I could write you all fics myself I would. That said, I am working on the request for the first person who had to drop out, so there is one more fic in the works. The other three, if I do recieve the requested fics I will post them here, but I have no idea if or when I will recieve them.

Now to unveil the authors of the fics that were posted...

heaven85 wrote The Truth Comes Out for Alicia

Maz wrote All You Ever Wanted for Sari

Christy wrote It Feels Natural for Gwennie

Gwennie wrote Which Is More Important? for Liz

Thank you to heaven85, Christy and Gwennie for their fics! You may all now go ahead and post them wherever you like. :)
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Fanfic Request for Liz [05 Nov 2005|01:36am]

Requested by: Liz

3-5 things the fic must include:
1. Lucas protecting Haley from something. Sort of like a damsel in distress type story.
2. Based around current Season 3 stroyline.

Things you don’t want your gift to include:
1. Chris

Which Is More Important?Collapse )
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Fanfic Request for Gwennie [03 Nov 2005|08:05pm]

Requested by: Gwennie

3-5 things the fic must include:
1. Discussion with an adult (ie: Whitey, Karen, Deb, etc.)
2. Set in future (if at all possible)
3. LH not already together

Things you don’t want your gift to include:
1. Children
2. Lucas as an NBA star
3. Dan Scott dying

It Feels NaturalCollapse )
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CALLING ALL WRITERS! [09 Nov 2005|11:29pm]

Unfortunately I have just been informed that one of the writers had to drop out of the exchange at the last minute. Now I don't want anyone's request to go unwritten so if there is anyone out there willing to write a request at short notice could you please email me at lhficexchange@hotmail.co.uk? You would have about a week to write the fic and my eternal gratitude.

If no one can write it I'm going to have to write it, which I don't mind, but it would be nice to have more writers involved. I'll wait until tomorrow night and then I'll start on it myself.
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Fanfic Request For Sari [02 Nov 2005|08:35pm]

Requested by: Sari

3-5 things you want your gift to include:
1. Unresolved sexual tension
2. L/H just finding out feelings
3. Or L/H having a secret relationship

Things you don't your gift to include:
1. Too many mentions of N/H or B/L
2. Either L or H moving
3. Fics set in an alternate universe.

All You Ever WantedCollapse )
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Fanfic Request For Alicia [02 Nov 2005|06:54pm]

Requested by: Alicia

3-5 things you want your gift to include:
1. In the future
2. drama
3. Fluff

Things you don't your gift to include:
1. No mention of L/P as a couple ever

The Truth Comes OutCollapse )
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[02 Nov 2005|06:52pm]

Okay, I'm going to start posting the fics now. PLEASE send lots and lots of feedback (by commenting to the fic posts), as the writers have all taken their time to add to the collection of LH fics in our fandom!
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[02 Nov 2005|01:20pm]

The day is finally here! The official deadline for the first ever LH fanfic exchange! Thank you so much to all the writers who chose to participate. :)

I have started to recieve the fics, and will hopefully have most of them by the end of the day. *fingers crossed*

As you may remember this is a BLIND exchange, meaning that no one knows who is writing the fic for them. I'd like to keep it blind until all eight fanfics have been posted. I'll be posting each fanfic as I recieve it over the next few days but I will only say who the request is for, not who wrote it.

Everyone feel free to comment to give feedback to each fanfic, even if you don't know who wrote it. I think it's even better this way as there's no bias. ( Note to the writers, please DO NOT let anyone know you wrote the fic if yours is posted. In fact, feel free to comment on your on fic and praise yourself to throw people off. ;) )

Once ALL eight fanfics have been posted I will reveal who wrote which fanfic and you can then thank the author personally if you like. :)
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Assignments Are Out! [12 Oct 2005|12:19am]

Thank you to the seven participants who signed up for the first LH Fic Exchange! It wasn't a huge number, but even eight more fanfics in the LH fandom is a good thing, and hopefully these eight will inspire more LH writers to particpate next time. If you sent in a request you should have recieved your fic assignment by now. If for some reason you haven't recieved a request just comment here or email me and I'll look into it. Otherwise please read the email I sent carefully.

The deadline for fanfics is Wednesday 9th November 2005 so everyone look out for eight new fics to be posted here around that time!
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Deadline Extended! [06 Oct 2005|11:21pm]

Due to the small number of requests we've gotten so far I have extended the deadline one week. Please spread the news, I'd like as many LH writers as possible to be involved! You have until next wednesday to get those requests in!
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[22 Sep 2005|11:42am]

Incase anyone was having trouble emailing their requests through, I forgot to activate the email address...ooops. It's all done now, so you can send those requests in to lhficexchange@hotmail.co.uk
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Welcome to the First Ever Lucas/Haley Exchange! [20 Sep 2005|07:11pm]

Welcome to the First Lucas/Haley Fanfic Exchange!

This community is designed to expand the amount of lucas/haley fanfic out there, and hopefully create some new and exciting fics featuring our favourite couple. The current project is designed to allow us to request any fics we want!

Participation in Fic Exchanges

To participate in this fic exchange, fill out the application below and email it to lhficexchange@hotmail.co.uk. Please make sure that when you request a fic, you WILL be able to write a fic from a request we give you. It sucks writing a fic for someone, then not getting your request written. The exchange is a blind one, meaning you won't know who you're writing for, or who is writing for you, until the fics are posted.

You can find the full rules and deadlines in the userinfo of this community. Please be sure to read those before submitting an application!

Copy and Paste into an email:

Name/Pen Name:
LJ Username:
Are you over 18:
Rating(s) you’re willing to write:
Rating(s) of the fic you want:
3-5 things you want your gift to include:
Things you don't your gift to include:

Here is an example:

Name/Pen Name: Haley
LJ Username: lhforever
E-mail: haley@yahoo.ca
Are you over 18: Yes
Rating(s) you’re willing to write: Up to R
Rating(s) of the fic you want: PG-13+
3-5 things you want your gift to include: walk on the beach, set in future, LH already together
Things you don't your gift to include: mentions of NH, other couples, extreme fluff
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