my foolish heart (maz4pj) wrote in lh_ficexchange,
my foolish heart

Writers and Apologies...

So, as you may have noticed I have only managed to post four out of eight fic requests. I really wanted this exchange to be a success, but unfortunately some people had to drop out for personal reasons. I am truly sorry to those writers who fulfilled their request but didn't get a fic in return. If I could write you all fics myself I would. That said, I am working on the request for the first person who had to drop out, so there is one more fic in the works. The other three, if I do recieve the requested fics I will post them here, but I have no idea if or when I will recieve them.

Now to unveil the authors of the fics that were posted...

heaven85 wrote The Truth Comes Out for Alicia

Maz wrote All You Ever Wanted for Sari

Christy wrote It Feels Natural for Gwennie

Gwennie wrote Which Is More Important? for Liz

Thank you to heaven85, Christy and Gwennie for their fics! You may all now go ahead and post them wherever you like. :)
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